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Manicure Accessories
The scenario has changed a lot currently, with more and more women and even men opting for regular manicures. It has now become quite an essential part of all beauty care procedures, with equal importance given to hands and nails just as skin and hair. The established and reputed beauty salons use the latest and most expensive manicure accessories, in keeping with the charges and reputation of the place. However, the basic manicure accessories remain the same, irrespective of whether you are doing your manicure at the most expensive parlor or at home.

Some of the basic accessories that you will need while manicuring include a small tray almost the size of a soap dish, nail scissors, a gentle and mild bubbly soap product, warm water, cuticle remover, an orangewood stick, a pack of cotton balls and moisturizer or hand lotion. It is good if the moisturizer you choose is enriched with cocoa butter or aloe vera or other similar ingredients that enhances the skin, retaining the moisture level at the same time. You will also need two to three soft hand towels, one nail polish remover, one clear base coat nail polish, nail color and a top coat nail polish. A small lamp or some other source of light is necessary to brighten up the area that you are working on. Similarly, a table or desk will help you to keep your arms extended across in a relaxed position.

One of the most common equipment or manicure accessories that you will find in nail salons is a manicure table. This table is very much similar to a common desk, allowing you to stretch your hands on it while drying up your nail polish or while other tasks are being performed on your nails. Manicure tables are typically made of a wood laminate, making them durable and easy to clean. These tables are often equipped with padded hand rests, swivel casters and storage drawers. High-end manicure tables may even have some additional features such as polish racks, built in electrical outlets and vents. The price of manicure tables ranges from less than $100 to more than $1000. Quite obviously, the prices vary according to the range of features available in the tables including the material with which it is made up of.

Nail dryers are another common manicure accessory mostly used in salons, enabling the clients to dry their nails completely once the final coat of the polish has been applied.

While an advanced manicure table with all its features can be difficult to put up in a house, a simple and ordinary desk can serve the purpose equally well while manicuring at home. All the other manicure accessories are available in a beauty supply store or even a local drug store. Once you know the proper ways of manicuring, it does not matter whether you are doing it at home or in a beauty salon. Nevertheless, remember to disinfect the accessories such as nail clippers and filers every time before using. Also ensure that you store the polishes and removers in a cool and dry place.

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