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How to give yourself a manicure
For hands that look and feel their best they need to be cleaned and cared for regularly. It is important that you use a protective and nourishing hand cream daily to help keep them in perfect condition. I like Dr. Hauschka’s Daily Hand Cream which helps restore moisture to dry overworked hands.

For a beautiful manicure you can do at home, follow these five easy steps...

Step 1: Shape
To help shape your nails use a nail file that has both a coarse and fine surface. The coarse side is used to shape the nail while the fine side helps to smooth the nail edge. When filing make sure you always go in one direction, using long, smooth strokes and make sure never to file nails after bathing or swimming because that’s when your nails are at their weakest.

Step 2: Clean
Make sure you remove any old nail polish using cotton pads; a good remover is Manicare’s Nail Polish Remover with Tea Tree Oil. To help clean and soften the hands soak them in warm soapy water for a few minutes, I also add a few drops of lavender oil to the water to leave my hands smelling delicious.

Step 3: Cuticles
To remove any overgrown cuticles apply a cuticle eliminator around the cuticle area. After a few minutes you can then gently push back the excess cuticles using a cuticle stick tipped with a cotton pad.

Step 4: Buff
Buff nails with a shiner to smooth ridges and to leave your nails with an amazing shine and satin finish. The buffing action increases blood circulation in the nail which also promotes a healthy nail growth.

Step 5: Finishing Touches (For the classic French manicure)
Lay your hands flat on a hard surface and apply a base coast which will stop the nails from staining. A French manicure kit like the one from Manicure is the perfect helping hand to get a classic, tidy look. Place a French tip tape on each nail just below the white tip and apply the white polish; make sure you let it dry before removing the tape. Next apply French pink to the entire nail and then seal you French Manicure with the French finish.
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