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Pedicure Care-Pedi Soak, Sloughing Lotion, Soothing/Moisturing

Pedi Soak

Pedi soak is one of the most important ways of relaxing and beautifying your feet which is an integral part of all kind of pedicures. The importance of feet was quite underestimated until recently as compared to skin and hair care. More and more men and women are now attending regular pedicure sessions to pamper and rejuvenate their feet.

Swish a teaspoon of highly concentrated Pedi soak foot bath after adding it into water. Soak your feet into the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes. Pedi soak foot bath helps in soothing and conditioning tired feet. The different ingredients combined to prepare Pedi soaks include concentrated amounts of eucalyptus, sea salt, mint, silica and rosemary. These ingredients help in controlling excessive perspiration and feet odor. Scented Pedi soak foot baths bring a fresh and fragrant feeling to the feet. Pedi soaks are also effective to control the development of bacteria and fungal infections in the feet.

Sloughing Lotion

Sloughing lotions are typically used on each toe nail to remove cuticles. They are also known as cuticle remover or cuticle softener. To remove your cuticles, first apply the sloughing lotion at the side of your nails moving towards the center. Massage the lotion firmly on the dry skin and use an orangewood stick to push back the cuticles gently. Also ensure that the dry skin around the nails roll off as you massage the sloughing lotion. With the rough dry skin rubbed away, you can then see the fresh and younger looking skin. After completing the sloughing process once again soak your foot in the Pedi soak and rinse it well. Repeat the same process for the other foot.

Soothing and Moisturizing

Conditioning lotions and essential oils such as eucalyptus, jojoba, pine or lime an e very effective in giving a soothing effect to the cleaned feet. Moreover, these lotions and oils help in hydrating the feet and retaining the moisture level required to avoid dry and cracked feet. Soothing and moisturizing can also be combined with aromatherapy massage oils along with a foot and leg massage. You should not return to feet bath after you have done a feet massage with conditioners and oil. After massaging, allow your feet to absorb the oil and relax. Repeat the same massaging techniques for the other foot and let it relax.

A huge collection of Pedi soak foot bath, sloughing lotions, conditioners and moisturizers are available online. For buying any of these pedicure care products you need to place online orders. A detailed description of each product is displayed in the websites including the ingredients which are used to prepare them. You will also find the price rates mentioned next to the descriptions. Buying pedicure products online you may enjoy discount rates and special offers from time to time.

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